The ultimate life hack for always waking up on time – WakeupDialer!

Always having trouble in waking up, give a try to WakeupDialer and be calm.

How many times has it happened that you set an alarm for the morning, resolving to wake up when it rings and not put it on snooze to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep only to find that you have slept through the alarm? As a result, you’re always late for work or miss your appointment? Must have happened quite often. However, when someone calls us and our phone starts ringing, we wake up immediately to pick up the call. But you can’t wait for someone to call you at exactly the same time everyday to wake you up, can you? What if we tell you that there’s an online service allows you to schedule free wake up calls? Well, WakeupDialer is the ultimate life hack you’ll ever need to wake up on time.

WakeupDialer is an online service that offers free wake up calls. Whenever you pick up your phone, you’re greeted by the lovely greeting voice of Stephen Fry! Now who wouldn’t love waking up to that? The best part about WakeupDialer is that any information you share with the site such as your number is safe and is not shared with any third party. The service, however, is only available to people using US and Canada phone numbers. The service is powered by CallSpin.

The procedure for scheduling a wake up call on the WakeupDialer site is very simple and easy to follow. Go to your web browser and visit You can also type the site’s name in search bar of any search engine or google and the link to the site will pop up in the results. The home page of the WakeupDialer site will show up on your screen. You will be asked to provide your phone number. Enter your phone number and schedule the timing for the wake up call. If you want the site to save your number, check the “Remember my number” box.

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