How to Use UberFamily for Safe Family Travel at Affordable Rate

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters


Uber is the best option for you in town and with this app, you can get a ride with in a few minutes. The car will be on your doorstep. If you are traveling alone, then the case is different as compared to when you are traveling with a child. Every parent wants their child to travel safely. So Uber has added a new feature in their app with which parents can request for a car seat option for their child anytime they want.

Uber NYC teams up with The Car Seat Lady’s Dr. Alisa Baer so that this feature provides the securest ride for the parents. The company trains the UberX drivers and tells them about how to safely handle the IMMI Go. So, when ever you will request UberX, you will not only get a safe seat for your child, but also a professional driver who knows how to handle any situation. Child’s minimum age should be 12 months and he or she must weigh 22 lbs. The height should be about 31 inches or more. A parent is not eligible to avail this ride if their child weighs 48 lbs or has a height of 52 inches.

If you want to order a UberFamily ride, then you need to follow certain steps. The first thing you need to do is that download and open the Uber app that is available on the app store or play store. Then slide over to UberFamily option click on ‘make a request’. Your Uber driver will contact you soon and then you can travel safely with your child by using this feature. You can know more on

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