TCAPS Cloud – Accessing Multiple Resources Online

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters


Whether you are a student or a teacher, we all recognize the importance of having a cloud service where we can store and access all our study resources at our own ease and convenience. Having all your resources spares you the hassle of logging in to several portals to access documents and files stored in different places. With a single cloud service, one can store one’s files in one place and not have to trouble oneself with remembering several passwords and username. With such a service, you only have to sign in to one place to access, store, upload, download or share whatever you need. TCAPS Cloud is a cloud service here to make life a lot easier with its single cloud service. This article will guide you about signing in and using the TCAPS Cloud service online, which is very beneficial for the users.

TCAPS Cloud is an online single cloud service for students and staff. It requires them to log in to one account from a web browser to get access to all resources such as Google Apps, stored data, and any other resources.

The sign-in procedure for TCAPS Cloud is very simple and straightforward.  Just following the below-defined way can take you to your way from where you can accomplish your requirements. Go to your web browser and visit the TCAPS Cloud login page by typing in your web browser’s address bar. Enter your username and your password in the given text boxes and click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner of the screen. On your desktop page, you will see an icon titles “MyFiles”. You can click on it see all the folders and subfolders you’ve stored.

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