Learn How to Remove the Taskeng.exe Virus from Your Computer

Worried due to computer infected with the virus Taskeng.exe? Relax and read below to cure your computer.

In this modern world, security and safety not only means of your physical existence but also that of your virtual one. When almost all our lives, everything in the world exists online, then security threats must too, right? These threats exist in various forms and types; from viruses and malware to spyware, you can be a victim of anything from anyone in the world. A hacker in one corner of the world can not only access your most private files but also control your computer to do whatever they want.

One such method of taking control of your computer is through a Trojan horse virus. As the name suggests, it does what the original Trojan horse did; infiltrate a secure place without anyone knowing. By doing so, a Trojan horse virus can harm your computer system, spy on your activities, distribute more malware, and take over control of your whole computer.

One of the worst Trojan horse viruses is the Taskeng.exe. This little, seemingly innocent virus pretends to be the normal windows process Taskeng.exe, which predetermines when some tasks are to be performed. However, the Trojan horse can disguise itself under the name of Taskeng.exe and wreaks havoc on your system. Getting rid of the Trojan horse can be a difficult task, particularly because identifying is really hard. However, there is a way to do it.

The first thing you need to do is start your computer in Safe Mode, then press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC all at the same time. This will open the Task Manager where you can see the running processes. Right click on each process and then click on “Open File Location”. Scan each file with an Antivirus, and delete the folders of the infected files after ending their process. Next, hold down the Start Key and R, which will open the “Run” program. Type “

After that, hold down the Start Key and R, which will open the “Run” program. Type “appwiz.cpl -> OK.” to access the Control Panel. Here, uninstall all suspicious looking entries. Then, in the search field, type “msconfig” and press Enter. Uncheck all the Startup entries that have “Unknown” manufacturers. Next, press the Start Key and R together, and copy and paste “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” in the empty field. Then, click OK and look for suspicious IPs beneath “Localhost”. The next step is to type “Regedit” in the search field of Windows and pressing Enter. Then, press CTRL + F together and type in “Taskeng.exe”. Delete all entries with this name to get rid of this virus.

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