Tired of using the same old keyboards? Get up and step up your phone game with Swype keyboard with emoji’s

Want to express your emotions and reactions then rush to use Swype.

We all want a smartphone which is friendly and suits well with our image.  Classy, good battery time, storage and much more. We look for all these things and apart from that we download all the apps, we think are fun and useful. Whether its IOS or android, apple store and play store play the most important role. Through which you can download the app and then use them. One thing which is of interest is the keyboard and the perks it brings. Swype keyboard is an excellent example.

Swype Inc. was founded in 2002 by Dr Kushler. It is a virtual keyboard for smartphones with touchscreens, iPad, and tablets. It supports many different languages and themes. You can match your keyboard with the color of your smartphone, case and even your clothes. You can download by visiting the website www.swype.com/get-swype.html. To use Swype, one needs to slide its finger from the first word to its last word. What’s more interesting is you can use the emoji’s as well. For example, if you are using the word car and you want to make it look more fascinating then you can use its emoji which will appear in the suggestions above the keyboard.

To enable Swype on an iPhone, you need to follow certain steps. First download Swype app from the apple store. Then open settings and general keyboard. After that, click on keyboards and select add new keyboard. Now go to the app and long press the globe icon and choose Swype. For android, you must first download it from the play store. And then go to settings and then language and when that’s done click keyboard. After that select input method and select Swype. You can know more on


you can also know the snapchat emoji meanings, which are like swype emojis.

That’s all! It is very easy to use and a lot friendly than expected. You can shift to Swype and will never regret!

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