Use Student Vue to Check Your Grades Online

Have you ever gone through the stress and frustration of waiting for your report card to get home? Long hours where all you can do is wait for the mail to get there; without you knowing exactly when that will be so each second seems longer than the last. Wouldn’t you prefer to view the grades on your own time? Well, there is a way you can do that; through the portal called Student Vue.

Synergy Student Vue is a platform where students can access and view their school grades online. It is a great way to go paperless and be more environmentally friendly. The portal is available to all students from Grade 6 and above. Parents can view the same grades that the students view through a similar portal called ParentVue. Both platforms provide the same content, just through different perspectives for different eyes.

Student Vue is available in various school districts; if you know the procedure of one log in, you them all. So, for our purposes, we will use the Portland Public Schools. The first thing you have to do is visit from you preferred browser. Here, scroll down and click on the “Login to ParentVue / StudentVue here” button. On the next page, click the “I am a student” link to access the Student Vue page. Then, enter your User Name and Password in the fields provided and click “Login”. This User Name and Password is provided to you by your school, so you have to contact them if you don’t have them yet.

You can also click the “Forgot your password? Click here.” link if you have forgotten it and want to reset it. Now, since you know how to access Student Vue for one school, you can access any of them using the same protocol.

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