Sedgwick County Jail is Here to Protect You

What would be our world like without rules and laws? If everyone could do whatever they wanted? What if there were no governments and police forces to keep the law or punish the ones breaking it? We have all seen or read enough post-apocalyptic movies and novels to know that chaos would reign. No one would be safe from the lawlessness and those who take advantage of it. We create laws to avoid such a world and safeguard them with the help of police and courts.

However, laws alone themselves can’t do much; you have to enforce them. Once a law is broken, the person who broke it has to be punished; to not only teach him/her a lesson, but serve as an example to other people as well. One way to punish lawbreakers and criminals is by sending them to jail, such as the Sedgwick County Jail.

Sedgwick County Jail, run by the Sheriff Jeff Easter, is located in Sedgwick County of Kansas. The County has over 498,365 people according to a consensus in 2010, which means it is Kansas’ second-most populous county. The County aims to provide its citizens with quality public service and freedom. In addition to these, it provides an environment that is safe, secure and healthy for everyone. To succeed in doing that, the County has the Sedgwick County Jail for delinquents who threaten the community of the County, located in Wichita.

If you wish to find out how the Sedgwick County Jail works and what services it provides, you can visit The main page has several options that allow you to understand how the Sedgwick County Jail operates. These options include: Who’s in Jail, Posting Bond, Impounded Vehicles, Money & Personal Items for Inmate, Medical/Dental Program, Telephone Calls, Visitation, Inmate Mail, Inmates Housed Out of County, Work Release, Release of Information, Christian Ministries of Offenders, Inc., Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), and Veteran Resources. You can also browse other resources like the Directory and Sheriff’s Office Policies from the tabs on the left side of the page.

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