Lancaster County Assessor Has Everything You Need for Your Property

Get all record what you want for your property.

We all want to leave our mark on this world in some way or the other, don’t we? While some choose the path of fame, whether it is through movies or important scientific discoveries, others choose to leave a legacy through their family and have a place to call their own. For the latter, you need to have a family home on a land that you have bought. But buying a land, and owning one, is no easy feat. While the financial aspect is difficult enough as it is, the legal red tape can be overwhelming as well. From property information papers to tax papers, all the paperwork can be a real pain.

However, citizens of Lancaster County, Nebraska need not fret so much; all the property papers they need are available online. The Lancaster County Assessor, also known as the Register of Deeds, supervises and directs the assessment of all of Lancaster County’s Property, for the purpose of taxation. The people of Lancaster County elect the Assessor or Register of Deeds to represent them. He/she is responsible for establishing accurate and equalized market values for all real estate in Lancaster County.

The Lancaster County’s citizens who require a property tax form or any information related to it can easily get whatever they need through the Lancaster County Assessor’s website, available at Here, you can click on the “Services” link at the left side of the page. Then, click on the service that you wish to avail; Property Information, Property Information Map, or Mobile Mapping Application. You can also download the forms you need by clicking the “Forms” link beneath “Services”. You will then see a list of forms available for download, and you can click on the one you need.  If you cannot find what you need, or want more help, you can always contact the office of Lancaster County Assessor by emailing at

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