Keep Your Computer Safe with Geek Squad Webroot

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

How do you keep yourself and your loved ones safe from criminal activities? By installing security systems in your home, right? Systems that include everything from monitoring hardware like cameras to alert systems like alarms. You do everything to keep safe from physical harm, but what about the harm that can come to your virtual existence? Does the existence include your important files and data, your pictures and videos, your banking and email account details? How do you keep those safe? Well, since all of these are kept on your computer, you need software that keeps your computer safe from harm. Any ideas on what that software is? Anti-viruses and anti-spyware, of course. One of the best options among this software is none other than Webroot. And one deal you can use to get the software for free is through the Geek Squad Webroot.

Geek Squad, a US-based company, is a subsidiary of Best Buy, a multinational consumer electronics corporation. Robert Stephens founded geek Squad itself in 1994. The company, headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, provides different computer-related services and accessories for commercial and residential customers. In 2002, Best Buy acquired Geek Squad, but the services provided by the company and the quality of the services remain the same. These services include on-site, in-store, and over the internet assistance and services, along with emergency on-site support and a 24-hour telephone support line.

When you buy an electronic device from Geek Squad, such as a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device, you get the option to avail of the Geek Squad Webroot deal as well. With this deal, you get one of the leading anti-virus software, Webroot, installed on your new device for free. You can use this free version of the software for six months and then renew the subscription if you like the software and want to keep it. You can renew the subscription at both Geek Squad and Best Buy, or you can do it online as well. The whole process is straightforward and allows you to keep your computers safe from all kinds of viruses.


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