Get the Best Routes and Avoid Traffic with the Houston TranStar

Now make your trip hassle free with Houston TranStar.

When you leave your home, to go to work or to the mall or anywhere else, what is the first thing you do? Besides getting your keys and starting the car? You plan your route. You imagine all the roads you will take to get to your destination quickly and safely. However, does imagining or planning in your head guarantee that those roads will truly be the quickest way?

How often have you taken the same road you always take to work and found something unexpected on the way? Maybe a car accident, or construction. The number may not be too high, but even once is enough to ruin that particular day. Doesn’t that make you wish there was something you could do to avoid areas where there is a delay due to traffic or any other reason? Some way you could check the traffic conditions before you leave home so as to avoid getting stuck? Well, your answer lies in Houston TanStar.

Founded back in 1993, Houston TranStar is an organization that came about through the partnership of four agencies; the City of Houston, Harris County, TxDOT and Metro. Currently, it is the leading manager of Houston’s transportation system. It is also the main coordination site when different agencies need to respond to an emergency or an incident. The main purpose of the organization is to keep the people on the roads informed and save lives.

You too can avail the services of Houston TranStar by visiting the organization’s website, which is available at When you reach the main page, you can click the “Traffic Conditions” tab to check the traffic conditions in different areas of Houston. The options under the tab, that you can browse through, include Traffic Map, Incidents, Construction, Common Route Travel Times, Personalized Alerts, Traffic Cameras, etc. All these services allow you to personalize your travel route and make sure you reach your destination on time.

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