FoldiMate is Your New Folding Friend

“FoldiMate” a partner to eliminate your laundry and folding problems.

Who likes to do household chores? Making dinner, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, folding that laundry? Most likely no one. But, perhaps one of the least favorite things of anyone taking care of a house is folding laundry for everyone. The task just seems boring and mundane and has neither the fun element cooking dinner can have, nor the therapeutic one that sometimes doing the dishes has. And yet, we all have to do it on a regular basis. You would think, that with so much advancement in technology, someone would have found a way to fold the laundry for us, right? Well, you would be right then, because someone has; FoldiMate.

FoldiMate is exactly as the name suggests; a mate that helps you fold your laundry. However, the mate is not a living, breathing human being; it’s a robot. This handy robot can help fold your laundry so you can have more time for things that actually matter, like your family. The FoldiMate is easy to use so anyone in the family can operate it.  It also saves time by folding your laundry at twice the rate that you usually do. The folded laundry is consistently neat with high-quality folds. Furthermore, it also has the option of de-wrinkling and treating your laundry with perfume and softener.

With so many benefits, who wouldn’t want a folding friend in their homes? If you can’t wait to have your own, you can visit the FoldiMate website at and register to know when pre-orders start. Simply, enter your Email Address in the space provided on the main page and click “Register”. Doing so will allow you to know as soon as pre-orders start sometime in 2018. The target price of the FoldiMate is between $700 – $850. So, everyone can afford this amazing new technology. The team behind FoldiMate, such as CEO Gal Rozov, wants to make sure that each household has the opportunity to benefit from a folding friend.

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