Dormchat Offers You a Chance To Meet New Students Across The U.S.

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

If you are studying in America and are a university or a college student, then you probably live in a dorm room. Dorm rooms are best described as communal living where are the residents are students, and they are all part of the same university. So, if you want to connect to different dorms and the people who are specifically students living in a dorm, then look no further than Dormchat, which offers to pair you with a random college student with whom you can video chat or chat online.

What is Dormchat?

Dormchat is an online video calling service that offers university and college students to get in touch with other students and share information. This can either be a chance to connect with a new person or reconnect with an old friend. Dormchat offers a unique perspective on making friends and becoming a part of the community.

How to Become a Part of Dormchat

It is very easy to become a part of Dormchat. All you need to do is to have your university id, which is provided to you as soon as you become their official student. You will need to connect through that and then talk to any random college student easily. You will be paired randomly, and if you do not wish to continue your conversation with the current one, you can disconnect and connect with a new student.

How to Report Someone

If you are talking with a student at any time, and they start becoming abusive or threatening towards you or a certain group of people, you can deal with that by reporting it. You will need to contact the admin of the website so that they can either block that user or flag them as threatening. The offending person will either be given a warning about their conductor will be stripped of their access to this site. If the admin deems the offender seriously threatening, then they will take a stand and report them to the authorities.

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