Dashclock Extention Offers The Users with Easily Available Home Screen Apps.

Dashclock a power widget.

In this modern era where everything is based on the gadget that you own be it, mobile phone, tablets, laptops or any other device you will have everything readily available. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets contain the whole world within the small box and you are a click away from all the information that you desire.

Android is a system software that is generally now used in most mobiles and within this system, you are given certain options that you can avail. Dashclock Extension is an extension provided by the android system that provides the home screen clock extension with other apps.

What is Dashclock Extension?

Dashclock Extension is the extension used by the Android system that uses the home screen of the gadget to portray the digital clock on the home screen as well as showing other apps as extensions. It is specifically used in Android 4.2+ phones as well as 4.2-4.4 which help the updated as well as the old users.

Other Extensions that Follow

Dashclock is the number one extension that is helpful for Android users, but along with all this, there is another extension to that help the daily user a lot. Such as you will be able to see the music you are playing on your home screen as well as the music album.

You can have the notification extension on which will help you stay updated on your messages and your notification in terms of Facebook, Twitter, Hangout, Skype, Instagram, and Messages.

If you have subscribed to a news feed you will get constant notifications. As well as any other outlet that you follow will you will receive a notice. You will also receive constant weather updates and can also include weather updates from cities that you don’t live in. you can keep in touch with your family and friends who live in a different country or city.

All in all, this Dashclock Extension will help you as a user by increasing your productivity as well as easing your usage.

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