Have Fun with Cellufun

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

Want to have fun, then do join Cellufun.

How do you spend your time on your smartphone mostly? By conducting business or doing important work? Or by playing games and doing other fun activities? If you are anything like a normal person, then the latter would hit closer to home. Well, if fun is what you want out of your mobile device, then Cellufun is where you need to be. A social gaming community, Cellufun is accessible through all kinds of mobile devices and offered in seven different languages. According to the slogan of the website, Cellufun is “where games make friends.”

You can access the Cellufun website by visiting the following link wap.cellufun.com. Then, wait for the page to load completely. After it has loaded, click on the icon that depicts a person in the upper right corner of the page. This will open the registration page, where you can create your own avatar and register your account. To create your avatar, first, select the Sex of the avatar. Then, customize your avatar by going through the different options; Skin, Eyes, Hair, Hair-Color, Hair-Style, and Shirt. Next, choose a Screen Name and type it in the space provided, along with a Password. In the remaining spaces, enter your Birthday and Email and the number you see in the box. Finally, click “Join” to register your account.

If, however, you already have an account and an avatar, you can click the “Login” link on the registration page instead. On the next page, you can either click the “Login Using Facebook” button if you wish to link that with Cellufun or enter your Screen Name and Password in the given fields. Then, click the “Login” button. In case you forget your login details, you can also click the “Forgot your password? Click here” link beneath the Login button. Follow the instructions to reset your password so you can gain access to your account again.

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