Bibb County Jail Provides for a Safer County and Life

Hopefully, you will never have to cross a law or never must know anyone who crosses the law so that that they must face jail. Jails in simple terms are places that lock up criminals and people who commit offenses against the government of that state or county. Bibb County Jail is a county jail that puts people who do offenses in lockups till they reform into better citizens.

About Bibb County Jail

Bibb County Jail is situated in the county of Macon in the state of Georgia. The State of Georgia is the leading state with the most active criminal punishments. According to polls 1 in 13 persons is in person or knows someone who is in prison. This state has the highest rate in criminal punishment in the country.

Bibb County Jail is amongst the many jails situated across Georgia that harbor criminals and offenders from all walks of life. They are represented by state attorneys and pro-bono attorneys who are willing to help them in any way. This is a reform jail where they treat their offenders by giving them progressive activities to help them become better citizens.

How to Get in Touch with an Inmate

If you know someone, a family member or a friend, who is currently in jail, then you can go through this process of getting in touch with them. You will need to click on which will take you to a page where you will need to enter your Name (First, Middle, Last and Suffix) and then enter submit. If you want to write a letter then you will need to write the letter and post it to “Law Enforce Centre, Attention Inmate: Name of Inmate, P.O. Box 1917, Macon, GA, 31202-1917” and please do write this on the letter and include your return address in case the inmate is ever released.

What to do if Inmate Is Released

If the inmate is released early or in time you will be called beforehand based on the information of next of kin that is available. You will need to come to the county jail to receive your relative and have all the necessary papers that will be needed. Your relative or friend, if out on parole, need to be guaranteed by someone and if you are willing you should be aware of all the responsibilities that fall on you.

Other than that our hope is that you and your family member or friend live a happy and offense free life.

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