Access AMD Video Card via Catalyst Control Center

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters


AMD Catalyst Control Center is a part of the AMD Catalyst Software engine. It is a very useful application with which the users can customize video options and adjust display profiles, settings and its performance as well. It also plays a vital role in a video card to function properly even though for a casual PC user it might not be of that much importance. To complete or complement the line of video cards by Radeon, ATI Technologies developed the CCC known as Catalyst Control Center. With the release of Radeon 8500, it was available as a device driver and utility software package.

All the features that relate to AMD video card can be accessed via Catalyst Control Center. It acts as a central hub. The users can access different features like display management, digital control, 3D enabling. Color adjustment and so much more. This modern software functions on all systems that are currently being operated by windows. It also supports some usage on Mac OS X and Linux. If you want to avail the opportunities from this software, then open the webpage


AMD’s new software has recently come out which is called as Radeon Software Crimson edition. It contains so many revolutionary features and graphics that no software has. It delivers innovation, functionality that is redefined, the graphic performance that is completely new and changed. These all features are present for the best experience of our lovely users. It even has more reliability at no extra cost for your AMD-based PC. This software at least provides almost about 20 new features. 19% performance increases on AMD Radeon graphics and 29% on AMD APUs. You will love the new features whether you are a gamer, videophile, professional developer or simply want to have the best experience for your AMD-based PC.

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